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Shelley Lewin

{ Dedicated to the understanding and development of intra-personal and interpersonal relationships }
Shelley Lewin

Hi, I am Shelley Lewin. My business and brand 'The Relationship Architect' supports my passion to facilitate sustainable change in and between people.

Together we co-create, design and craft your different, preferred future based on the change you seek.

As an internationally accredited ICF-PCC coach, experienced counsellor and facilitator I design processes for making progress, for optimal growing, relating and connecting.

I have been providing solutions for change since 2006, working independently and collaboratively with individuals, pairs and teams. [....]


    Enabling you to become the person you need to be, to have the things you want to have


    Unpacking the inventory of your beliefs. Exploring strengths and untapped potential

  • Neurological Change

    Rewiring and rewriting outdated, limiting beliefs to overcome negative patterns

  • Conscious Clarity

    Identifying unhealthy thoughts, actions & habits. Strategies to get you moving you forward in a direction you want to go

Change & Solutions

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Personal change – solutions to become unstuck and move forward; transform/progress in your life


Relationship solutions – for creating, constructing, renovating and restoring connections


Leadership solutions – maximizing latent potential in students/staff; connecting them to their strengths


People Development solutions – optimizing performance, increasing engagement and managing office conflict


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