“My mission is to increase the amount of flourishing on the planet by supporting one person at a time to craft a life that inspires and empowers them.”

The business and brand ‘The Relationship Architect’ strives to support that mission by designing and facilitating processes that invite people to reach their full potential. Since 2006 founder Shelley Lewin has worked independently and collaboratively toward that end in her capacity as a counsellor, coach, facilitator and writer. Shelley is an affiliate coach of EmTalk.co.za– Onsite EAP Professionals, CoachMatching.com, Fibretraining.co.uk and Bizconsultants.co.za.

Shelley creates bespoke processes for new perspectives and thinking differently about life and relationships in the following ways:

  • Partnering with clients for individual coaching face to face and online
  • Facilitating couple/pair, team & group coaching in a variety of contexts,
  • Training and education on a variety of topics e.g. TotalSDI, ‘Life Codes’, ‘People Paring‘ etc.
  • Delivering thought-provoking content at a variety of speaking events
  • Contributing articles and expertise for magazines, press and radio
  • Blogging when she has the time and new insights
Delivering 'People Pairing' @ 24Slides

Delivering ‘People Pairing’ @ 24Slides

Shelley Lewin is an International Coach Federation (ICF) member and accredited Professional Certified Coach (PCC), Coaching and Mentors of SA (COMENSA) member and practitioner. Shelley is also a counselling graduate from South African College of Applied Psychology (SACAP)



Prior to her career in the helping profession, Shelley worked in the Fashion and Beauty Industry internationally for 15 years working and living in 20 countries; calling four different continents home. Having travelled extensively and been exposed to a myriad of cultures, Shelley has come to learn that regardless of age, race, faith, location and culture, we all share the same fundamental needs as human beings and that the state of our lives can be attributed to feelings of worthiness. Every human being wants to be validated, to be heard, to feel that what they have to say matters.

She believes that feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and creating a life that expresses our deepest passions is what fills us with vitality. Living an authentic and meaningful life requires clear intentions and deliberate choices which is why her motto for life is “Live Life Deliberately”.

Shelley has been married for over a decade to her best friend and husband Nathan, together they are raising their only son who has a passion and talent for golf. When she is not working you can find her outdoors and in nature, having fun on set in TV commercials (remnant from her previous life), sourcing good coffee, socializing with friends and juggling the roles of mom, wife, daughter, sister, friend.


Shelley’s top 5 strengths, as identified by Gallup Press Strengthsfinder2.0 (www.gallupstrengthscenter.com) are spread between three domains i.e. strategic thinking, relationship building and influencing:

Learner – desire to learn and wanting to continuously improve
Maximiser – seeking to transform something strong into something superb
Connectedness – having faith in the links between all things
Relator – enjoying close relationships with others and satisfaction in working hard with people to achieve a goal
Input – craving to know more, collects and archives all kinds of information

Shelley’s top 6 strengths as identified by SDI Core Strengths (corestrengths.com/) are deployed within the domains of performance, people and process:

Analytical – dissecting and digesting information
Tolerant – recognizing and respecting how others feel
Fair – acting so as to be just, equitable and impartial
Self confident – confident of one’s own powers and strengths
Principled – adhering to certain rules of right conduct
Devoted – dedicated to some purpose, activity or person