“My #1 focus is designing processes that enable positive change in my clients’ lives and relationships.”

For a decade I have been creating pragmatic and practical solutions for struggling relationships- personal and professional- in my work as coach, facilitator, speaker and writer. I am a change specialist working within the context of relationship development and my work is diverse, ranging from executive coaching and facilitation in organizations to personal and relationship coaching in private practice. My brand, ‘The Relationship Architect’, provides a platform as a relationship consultant to:

  • Partner with clients for individual coaching face to face and online
  • Facilitate couple/pair, team & group coaching in a variety of contexts,
  • Train and educate on building resilient relationships, positive and effective communication, marriage preparation, employee engagement & empowerment, conflict management, stress and time management
  • Contribute articles and expertise for magazines, press and radio
  • Deliver thought-provoking content at a variety of speaking events
Delivering 'People Pairing' @ 24Slides

Delivering ‘People Pairing’ @ 24Slides



Shelley has been married for over a decade to her best friend and husband Nathan, together are raising their only son who has a passion and talent for golf. When she is not working you can find her outdoors and in nature, having fun on set as an actress in TV commercials, sourcing good coffee and juggling roles of mom and wife.

Prior to her career in the helping profession, Shelley worked in the Fashion and Beauty Industry internationally for 15 years working and living in 20 countries; calling four different continents home. Having travelled extensively and been exposed to a myriad of cultures, Shelley has come to learn that regardless of age, race, faith, location and culture, we all share the same fundamental needs as human beings and that the state of our lives can be attributed to feelings of worthiness. Every human being wants to be validated, to be heard, to feel that what they have to say matters. Feeling comfortable in one’s own skin and creating a life that expresses our deepest passions is what fills us with vitality.

As adults we are each 100% responsible for our lives; we have the ability to choose how we respond to circumstances and the choices we make for ourselves despite many circumstances outside of our control. This is where her clients’ successes exist i.e. the increasing ability to be mindful of all the options available and then to consciously make choices that serve them and their relationships.

Her motto for life is “Live Life Deliberately”.



Shelley’s top 5 strengths, as identified by Gallup Press Strengthsfinder2.0 (www.gallupstrengthscenter.com) are spread between three domains i.e. strategic thinking, relationship building and influencing:
Learner – desire to learn and wanting to continuously improve
Maximiser – seeking to transform something strong into something superb
Connectedness – having faith in the links between all things
Relator – enjoying close relationships with others and a deep satisfaction in working hard with people to achieve a goal
Input – craving to know more, collects and archives all kinds of information

Shelley’s top 6 strengths as identified by SDI Core Strengths (corestrengths.com/) are deployed within the domains of performance, people and process:
Analytical – dissecting and digesting information
Tolerant – recognizing and respecting how others feel
Fair – acting so as to be just, equitable and impartial
Self confident – confident of one’s own powers and strengths
Principled – adhering to certain rules of right conduct
Devoted – dedicated to some purpose, activity or person

Certifications & Qualifications

Shelley Lewin is an International Coach Federation (ICF) member and accredited PCC coach, Coaching and Mentors of SA (COMENSA) member and practitioner who has worked with Coach Matching as an affiliated high performance coach since 2008.

  • International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited ACTP Solution Focused Brief Coach PRO Certification Training: Solution Surfers, Switzerland 2016 www.solutionsurfers.com
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited ACTP Solution Focused Brief Coach PLUS Certification Training: Solution Surfers, Switzerland 2014 www.solutionsurfers.com
  • International Coach Federation (ICF) accredited ACTP Solution Focused Brief Coach PURE Certification Training: Solution Surfers, Switzerland 2010 www.solutionsurfers.com
  • Counselling and Communication Postgraduate Diploma: South African College of Applied Psychology 2003 – 2006 sacap.edu.za
  • NLP Practitioner (Neuro-Linguistic Programming): Advanced Human Technologies  2006 www.nlpsa.com
  • FAMSA certificates: Couple Counselling, Divorce Counselling, McMasters Family Counselling, Prepare and Enrich 2008  www.famsawc.org.za
  • TotalSDI Certified Facilitator (Strengths Deployment Inventory) Level 2:  Personal Strengths Publishing, USA 2007 & 2016  www.personalstrengths.com