A story of love for skeptics

For all the skeptics- a true love story

“My life changed at the click of a button.” This, from two of the biggest online dating cynics- separated by 9300miles- recounting the details of their incredible love story. Steve (43) and single mother of two kids, Heather (39) sat down with me today to share their unbelievable journey – literally- of the past 6[…]


I am not sure about other languages but we are definitely short of a word which describes the actions, behaviours and competencies involved in achieving a healthy relationship (noun). ‘Relationshipping’- my word- is a verb used to describe the ‘doing’ part of relationship.  All the actions, words and behaviours that generate a climate for love[…]

How to be Emotionally Buoyant

“Your card has been deactivated-PIN retry exceeded- 03h55”. You know that feeling when your stomach drops and you feel instantly sick because you know something ominous is about to unfold? That was me a few weeks back. When I saw my handbag had been stolen off the table (along with its many contents) including car[…]

Approval Addiction

“As long as we looked and played the part of the perfect family, that was all my mother was concerned about”. This from a client in her 50’s who is still trying to escape from the compelling desire to do the ‘right thing’ and stay in an intolerable marriage, even if her current partner is verbally and emotionally[…]

The best Couple therapy is Individual therapy

We all carry baggage. Some of us are so adept at carrying the load that our legs and back don’t buckle under the weight of it.  The problem with baggage and relationships is that the baggage (regardless of how comfortable you are with it) bumps against your partners and eventually you start blaming each other[…]