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Life-Codes: Getting Ahead in the Game of Life. Feedback from Wynberg Boys HIgh School Headmaster.

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Relationship & Romance Interview

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Afternoon Express Interview with Jeannie D

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The Bay interview Oct2015


5FM Radio gig with Nick Hamman


Step 1 – Make PROGRESS not goals
FAIL means First Attempt In Learning! Define below your “preferred reality”, 10 areas you would like to see changed, intensified, your perfect 10 out of 10!

Step 2 – Passion always wins!
Understand WHY! What deeply connects you to your outcomes? Sit back and relax, watch the video and take notes.

Step 3 – Define the WHAT
Zone in on the destination. WHAT is your preferred reality?

Step 4 – Take responsibility for the things you CAN control
What conditions, that you have influence over, will make progress more likely?

Step 5 – Examine the inventory of your beliefs
What do you need to believe about yourself to progress?

Step 6 – Convert the belief into action
Internal to external. What will you be doing then, that you are not currently doing now?

Step 7 – Scale change and unpacking progress
Preserve what is working. What has helped move you forward so far?

Step 8 – Adopt a healthy habit
Something that will continue to move you forward in the direction you want to go.

Step 9 – Identify the cost of change and the benefits of staying stuck!
You cant have a pain free like! What is the cost of changing and how are you willing to suffer for it?

Step 10 – Manage your state of being
What you put out is what you get back.