Relationship Solutions

“There is an art and science to pairing people. I am a relationship specialist who creates, constructs, restores and renovates connection. I simplify dating, marriage and commitment obstacles by changing perspectives. I design relationship maps for your journey, in a territory where there are none. If you are single and looking to meet your ideal[…]

A story of love for skeptics

For all the skeptics- a true love story

“My life changed at the click of a button.” This, from two of the biggest online dating cynics- separated by 9300miles- recounting the details of their incredible love story. Steve (43) and single mother of two kids, Heather (39) sat down with me today to share their unbelievable journey – literally- of the past 6[…]

Shopping for a partner?

Relationship oriented dating (as opposed to booty call/ recreational/ casual/ short-term dating) is essentially the same process as interviewing candidates for a job placement. Executive Job Placements: If you owned a successful business and the position for managing director/CEO became available, you would be very careful and clear about the criteria required for a suitable[…]

Why am I still single?

If you are asking yourSelf this question and are unhappily single after years of searching for ‘the one’ I have this advice to share. You are probably focusing on the wrong thing! Stop looking for a date, start looking for a connection. Stop looking for a person, start looking for a relationship. Stop looking for[…]

Couples who make it work

‘Follow your bliss’. I see it, hear it, read it constantly in my never-ending research on what it means to live and work well.  One man, whose passion it was to get a date and have a girlfriend, began researching and studying ‘what makes couples work’ over those who couldn’t seem to get it right.[…]

Is monogamy a realistic concept?

I was so pleased the subject of monogamy has come up. It is one of those things we take for granted and assume is a requirement or non-negotiable for everyone in a romantic partnership. Actually, it’s not. Anthropology has shown that humans are ‘designed’ to have more than one partner in order to protect the[…]

MFM92.6 Stellenbosch Radio Q & A: Serial Dating – is it ok?

[audio:|titles=Shelley (3 October)] Serial dating A listener says \”I know a girl who is a serial dater. She moves onto the next boy before she’s even finished with the last, and leaves a bloody mess in her wake. Why do people become serial daters? And can they stop?\”  Life, love and relationship coach Shelley Lewin[…]