avoiding conflict

The downside to Harmonious People.

I have the privilege of meeting a broad spectrum of personality types in my work. I am often asked “Are some personalities better suited for relationships than others?” and I would say that no one ‘type’ is better or worse. Of course, some people are better suited for partnering than others, better at being a team player[…]

what is coaching

How can Coaching help anyone?

I was taken aback recently. Pretty astounded actually. A senior executive in a large organization thought my job was to teach presentation skills to her lesser skilled staff member. I was a bit confused at first because I thought she had me confused with someone else- hopefully a presentations skills expert that looked like me.[…]

The myth of the ‘right’ decision.

Inertia. Analysis paralysis. Procrastination. These are often the symptoms of clients stuck at a crossroads needing to make a big, calculated decision. And then there are the additional problems they accumulate when the deadline for the final decision comes and goes and still the decision has not been made. Tips on how to make your[…]

How to be Emotionally Buoyant

“Your card has been deactivated-PIN retry exceeded- 03h55”. You know that feeling when your stomach drops and you feel instantly sick because you know something ominous is about to unfold? That was me a few weeks back. When I saw my handbag had been stolen off the table (along with its many contents) including car[…]

Why am I still single?

If you are asking yourSelf this question and are unhappily single after years of searching for ‘the one’ I have this advice to share. You are probably focusing on the wrong thing! Stop looking for a date, start looking for a connection. Stop looking for a person, start looking for a relationship. Stop looking for[…]

Re-Invent your Self

“You have got to force rock bottom”, this was the professional (and personal) advice from an ex-addict running a recovery and rehab programme on how not to enable your loved ones to continue along a path of self destruction. The tough love approach is the only way to go apparently and although it is quite[…]

Living Life INSIDE-OUT, instead of OUTSIDE-IN

A disastrous patch in your marriage? A hideous boss who makes your life a nightmare? An unstable and financially insecure future? A potentially disappointing and unwanted diagnosis from the doctor?  Whatever challenging circumstances you face in your life right now, these incidents that induce anxiety/fear/depression/overwhelm can make us feel helpless. And, it is from this[…]

Get Rich. Quick.

WTF! In one week I have been exposed to more personal catastrophes than the whole of last year. Regardless of whether it is bad luck, the alignment of the planets or a sign of the times, catastrophic change is upon us. I am talking divorce, financial collapse, joblessness, moving cities to escape from a deranged[…]

Befriend Yourself First

It’s so true. “When you get married you’re not just signing up for one marriage, you’re signing up for many marriages. It’s going to change from romantic infatuation to intimate bonding, to living together, to having children. It’ll change through family, through aging bodies and changing endocrine systems. Each one of those changes is associated[…]