I am not sure about other languages but we are definitely short of a word which describes the actions, behaviours and competencies involved in achieving a healthy relationship (noun). ‘Relationshipping’- my word- is a verb used to describe the ‘doing’ part of relationship.  All the actions, words and behaviours that generate a climate for love[…]

Why am I still single?

If you are asking yourSelf this question and are unhappily single after years of searching for ‘the one’ I have this advice to share. You are probably focusing on the wrong thing! Stop looking for a date, start looking for a connection. Stop looking for a person, start looking for a relationship. Stop looking for[…]

How to know it’s real love

I’m sorry but I have the coolest job for sure. I get to research ‘this thing called love’ as part of my day. And as always, when I find something worth reading, pass it on to you. I’m like your very own R&D department for love. For sure this will make you smile, as only[…]

Solo and Happy

LoveSoloLife Being alone doesnt mean being lonely. Happily ‘solo’ is the ideal status for entering into a healthy relationship. Paradoxically, being relationship ready means you are not relationship needy. This is an article I contributed towards for the January 2012 edition of Womens Health. ‘Love Solo Life’ (click on the link above) is written by Jessica[…]